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Who are we?

Welcome to "The Pelican Playhouse" – an indoor play area designed exclusively for the overall development of your child. We are the first-of-its-kind play house in the city and bring to you a wonderful opportunity to preserve your child from the inefficiencies of the modern lifestyle.

The changing times...

Childhood no more means bicycle rides, sand castles, hopscotch games or street cricket to young children. Two year old smartphone addicts and glued-to-the-television pre-schoolers have become common conditions in almost every household today. While the reach for technology is being excessively celebrated, little do we realize the ill-effects of these changes on the development of a child!

The first few years of a child’s life are significant in shaping their growth, behaviour, attitude and personality. For a number of reasons like confined spaces, nuclear families, lack of resources and the safety factor, we are unable to give our children the joy of learning through play.

You would be surprised to know that more than 80% of our childhood learning came from various games that we played on the streets, with our little neighbours and with the small house toys that our parents could afford. It is true that the education methods today have greatly evolved and several systems begin to support other extra-curricular activities. But sadly the foundation that is needed to absorb these factors is yet to be laid.

This leads to...

The over-reliance on technology limits the creative power of the child and builds chaos into the sensory development. The result is a poorly self-regulated child with lower attention skills and behaviour mismanagement.

The sedentary lifestyle of children today has made obesity an increasingly alarming issue in urban India. Research indicates that the disease tolerance of young children has come down remarkably. Kids are inundated with so many contradictory ideas from the media and their power to envisage new things has almost disappeared.

What we can do for you?

We, at the Pelican Playhouse are driven by a passion to redefine the fun of growing up is this technology-dominated world. Through expert consultation and a true sense of caring, we bring to you an indoor play area that has been crafted to satisfy the physical and psychological growth needs of every young child.

At the Pelican Playhouse, there is a lot to learn, play, imagine and engage the senses in those productive areas of growth and development. From planning themed birthday parties to engaging your kids in adrenaline-pumping indoor climbing, the place is the perfect destination in Pondicherry for fun, adventure and learning.

There will be no more excuses like “it is too hot outside” or “the dust is causing me to sneeze”. The Pelican Playhouse will be every parent’s partner in bringing the best to their children. With affordable rates and an irresistible collection of fun learning techniques, Pelican Playhouse will be the place you wish you had as a kid.

Highlights of The Playhouse

  • Carefully designed play area with top-notch safety measures like padded walls and cushioned floors.
  • Over 90% of the play material used here are imported from the US and Europe and adhere to stringent child safety requirements.
  • CCTV monitoring in all zones.
  • Staff trained in childcare management.
  • Customized play zones for different age group.
  • Perfect blend of entertainment and learning.
  • Pollution free play area with absolute hygiene.

Take a tour through The Pelican Playhouse and see for yourself how innovation and safety are tagged along every tad bit of this elite play area.
To enjoy our facilities to the fullest, please ensure you have read our Safety Policy when you visit us.