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Giant Wall of Fun

  • 6+

Let your child build better confidence and savour the sense of accomplishment as they climb higher.

One of the proudest creations at the Pelican Playhouse is the "Giant Wall of Fun", the first of its kind in the city. Did you know that climbing is a great exercise for building mental balance and honing problem solving skills? At Pelican Playhouse we offer the thrill of indoor climbing coupled with the safest conditions.

Amazing skills learnt during the activity:

  • Enhanced problem solving skills.
  • Attitude to overcome fear.
  • Greater motor skills.
  • A fun activity to stay fit.

Pelican Wonderland

  • 3+

A creative start for a long and enduring journey ahead.

When naïve imagination is fed with the right opportunity it paves ways for cognitive growth, social development, physical stability, language skills and better control over one’s thought and action. The truly amusing "Pretend Play" is the most contemporary and scientifically proven technique for nurturing the wholesome growth of a young child. At Pelican Wonderland, the sky is the limit for fascination. Bring your little one in here and be amazed to see how your tot is smartly moulded to take on the world.

As imagination takes wings, you will find your little one build:

  • Better communication and language skills.
  • Etiquette needed to carry oneself in a social environment.
  • Ability to express oneself creatively.
  • Enhanced understanding of different perspectives.

Move and Learn

  • 4+

Experience the exhilaration of our infotainment zone with your kids!

We bring the best solution for gadgetry addiction by combining it with more learning than you can ever imagine. Oh Yes! We do satisfy the gadget needs of your kid through the renowned and well-thought collection of international edutainment devices that allows young children to learn, observe and also sweat at the same time. Intrigued? We will be happy to show you a demo of how this can work wonders for your child!

With Pelican Workshop, your kids can will:

  • Learn the skill of efficient problem solving.
  • Improve their hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Fight medical issues like obesity in a protected environment.
  • Help build determination and grit.

Toddler World

  • 0+

Welcome to the Toddler World, where fun, laughter and screeches are unlimited!

The toddler world has been very fondly designed to cater to the needs of children below the age of 4. See them crawl, run, scream and enjoy the real pleasure of childhood which is often lost to the deficits of the modern world today. All equipments used have been hand-picked by experts to ensure optimal learning blended with indefinite fun.

At Toddler World, your child:

  • Meets new friends and learns the art of social adaptation ( a key factor that is so hard achieve in today’s world)
  • Enjoys uninterrupted and safe play that promotes learning through curiosity, invention and persistence.
  • Simply enjoys the freedom to run around, make as much noise as they can and learn from the company of other fellow inmates.

Happy Wheels

  • 3+

Miles of smiles with the wheelie-good time at the Pelican Playhouse

Watch your little one cruise around on the happy wheels as if they have grown up to become a smart young adult already. Our ride-on zone offers a great selection of bikes and scooters that can get your kids all excited and up for a day of unlimited wheelie fun! Look at them with awe while they interact with fellow drivers and build their hand-to-eye coordination as they twist and turn their wheels.

The ride-on zone helps gain:

  • Increased confidence for mobility.
  • Independent play as well as group play.
  • An acute sense of balance.
  • A fun opportunity to explore, experiment and exercise.

Mom & Me

  • 0+

Bond with your child like never before and discover the desires of that little heart.

Motherhood is an amazing journey to the world of sweet little things. It has the power to heal and nurture a child into an amazing human being. We understand the magic behind the touch of a mother and create the right ambience to nurture the mother-baby bond through creative ways. You don’t have to spend alone time with kid anymore, bring them with you to our play area and have fun interacting with other kids and parents.

At the Pelican Playhouse:

  • Mothers can break the boredom of their routine life and indulge in some truly lucrative activities for their kids.
  • Watch your young one learn new skills and help them recreate it on a regular basis.
  • Enrich their thoughts and lay the foundation for a life-long bond.

Safety Policy

The safety of our little guests is of prime importance to us and we therefore request parents to follow the rules of the playhouse for the well-being of all children.

  • We insist at least one of the parents to accompany the child during all visits to the playhouse.
  • No male member outside the family such as drivers or housekeepers will be allowed to accompany the child to the playhouse.
  • We allow no food with the exception of bottled water to avoid distractions and maintain hygiene.
  • Children above the age of 4 will not be entertained in the Toddler World for the safety of the younger guests.
  • Children and parents are recommended to wear socks and no footwear in all parts of the playhouse except for the indoor climbing.
  • Our supervisors will always be available for assistance; however cannot be held responsible for the safety of the child at any time.
  • Parents are entirely responsible for the safety of their children and all personal belongings.
  • Indoor climbing activities are strictly only for children above the age of 6 and must be supervised by the parent always.
  • Children with temporary infections such as the flu are requested to wait till they are completely cured for the safety of the inmates.
  • We will be open for assistance in the case of any unforeseen circumstances but will not take the responsibility of the cause.
  • Membership benefits are applicable only for the pricing while all other regulations of the playhouse must be followed alike by all.
  • The Pelican Playhouse has the right to deny admission to any person on grounds of safety or concerns that the management may consider less appealing.