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Safety Policy

The safety of our little guests is of prime importance to us and we therefore request parents to follow the rules of the playhouse for the well-being of all children.

  • We insist at least one of the parents to accompany the child during all visits to the playhouse.
  • No male member outside the family such as drivers or housekeepers will be allowed to accompany the child to the playhouse.
  • We allow no food with the exception of bottled water to avoid distractions and maintain hygiene.
  • Children above the age of 4 will not be entertained in the Toddler World for the safety of the younger guests.
  • Children and parents are recommended to wear socks and no footwear in all parts of the playhouse except for the indoor climbing.
  • Our supervisors will always be available for assistance; however cannot be held responsible for the safety of the child at any time.
  • Parents are entirely responsible for the safety of their children and all personal belongings.
  • Indoor climbing activities are strictly only for children above the age of 6 and must be supervised by the parent always.
  • Children with temporary infections such as the flu are requested to wait till they are completely cured for the safety of the inmates.
  • We will be open for assistance in the case of any unforeseen circumstances but will not take the responsibility of the cause.
  • Membership benefits are applicable only for the pricing while all other regulations of the playhouse must be followed alike by all.
  • The Pelican Playhouse has the right to deny admission to any person on grounds of safety or concerns that the management may consider less appealing.